SUP beginner course

SUP school Fuerteventura

2 hours stand up paddle SUP surfing can change your life!

There are a lot of watersports. You can do watersports with the wind, in waves and on flat water. With wind, the watersports are windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing. In waves or flatwater you can do stand up paddle surfing.​ You can learn SUP surfing without any previous watersport experience.​
First you learn SUP boarding in flat water.​

SUP beginner groupcourse

€ 50,00 per person per day (2 hours per day starting from the beach)

€ 100,00 per person per day (2 hours private lesson starting from the beach)

During your lessons, SUP School Fuerteventura will teach you:​
(theory and practice at the shore and in the sea):​
-About tides, current and wind.​
-What to do in an emergency situation.​
-Self rescue.​
-How to pick up the board safely, taking into consideration the current conditions.​
-How to attach your leash to your board and yourself.​
-Footedness i.e. the correct way to stand on the board.​
-Prone paddle and knee paddling technique.​
-Transition from prone paddling to standing with paddle to start paddling.​
-Paddle technique.​
-How to fall off the board safely.​
-Entry into the water and things to be aware of.​
-How to turn the board.​

Enjoy and have your first great SUP session !

Your SUP school Fuerteventura team