SUP wave course

SUP school Fuerteventura

Take your stand up paddle boarding skills to the next level !

Do you know that you will get more waves with stand up paddle surfing than with surfing? With SUP surfing you will catch and surf the the waves earlier. Your paddle also gives you a nice balance. Not only is the progress of learning stand up paddle boarding faster than with normal surfing, but the learning process of getting waves is also faster.

After 2 or 3 days of the stand up paddle beginner course most paddlers want to go into the line up and catch waves.

SUP School Fuerteventura offer this SUP wave course for intermediate SUP paddlers who want to go stand up paddle boarding in the waves. The main aim during the session is to learn to improve your paddling technique and to ride waves.

Our SUP wave clinic course is for stand up paddlers who want to go paddling into the waves and who are able to do all the theory and practical points listed by our SUP beginner lesson.During the stand up paddle wave surf lesson, SUP School Fuerteventura will give you wave theory and wave practice at the shore and in the sea.

SUP wave groupcourse (Advanced paddlers only, maximum 3 persons per group)

€ 70,00 per person per day (2 hours per day starting from the beach)

€ 100,00 per person per day (2 hours private lesson starting from the beach)

Our pluses!
+ Small groups
+ Lots of wave experience
+ It is our passion

Take a wave and you are hooked !

Your SUP school Fuerteventura team